"Sandy Hancock, Creator Of The Body By Sandy System Has Now Designed an Exclusive New Step By Step Program For Women Over 40 To Reverse The Aging Process And Keep You Young, Fit & Beautiful For Life."

You're probably wondering...is this is really possible?

Is there really a simple solution to my constant weightloss struggle?

I'm here to tell you, YES it is possible, and YES there is a simple solution!

Hi, I'm Sandy Hancock.

I remember one day when I was almost 35 years old. I was relatively fit and healthy, but... recently I had begun to notice it was becoming more and more difficult to keep the weight off my middle and my butt was getting saggy.

I would exercise harder and try not to eat too much but it didn’t seem to matter. Frustration set in, and I felt destined to join all the other women over 40 who had lost their figures and looked older than they really were.

I didn’t believe there was a fountain of youth or a magic pill, but I had seen other older women who looked sexy and fit. I knew if they could do it so could I. I made a commitment right then to find a healthy way to stop this process!

I began by experimenting on my own physique by entering a fitness competition. This allowed me to examine what would work and what would not work on my own physique.

Throughout this process, I researched everything I could about staying healthy and fit for life.


The first thing I learned I should be doing to stay fit after 40 was:

  • My metabolism must be working right.

  • To keep my metabolism high, I needed to be producing the Human Growth Hormone, which you could technically say is the fountain of youth.

  • The best way to produce HGH is to perform specific types of exercises and to eat a clean diet, high in protein, with adequate calories.

Best exercises which produce HGH...
Weight Training along with High Intensity Interval Training.

These two types of exercising, along with simple clean eating are what transformed my body from aging rapidly to actually reversing the aging process.

No, I’m not about to tell you you now have to learn to deadlift 200 pounds, run 100 meters in 8 seconds, and only eat chicken and spinach for weeks on end in order to look like me. (That isn’t necessary to achieve amazing un-aging results).

But what I do want to share from my discovery as I became an expert in improving women’s health and fitness, was just how simple it really is to achieve and maintain a beautiful, Fit and Ageless body you can be proud of.

I realized there were so many women out there, struggling to find the answers. I created my company Body By Sandy, and have now helped thousands of women change their lives. They not only have the gift of health and happiness, BUT they now feel sexy again, confident in who they are, and are reaching their full potential. I love it!


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What Exactly Is Included In The Fit & Ageless Program?

The Fit & Ageless Program is an easy to follow FIVE MODULE system. It is a simple step-by-step plan that takes out the overwhelm in figuring out what to do and delivers real results.


It's hard enough starting a new program, but don't worry! We've got you covered with our easy to follow Getting Started Guide. You won't have to wonder what to do next after you purchase your program, it's all in here!



What you put into your body matters more now than ever. To stay lean after 40 you need specific foods to ignite your slowing metabolism. The Fit & Ageless Program provides you with specific guidelines and meal plans to make your food planning as easy as pie (minus the pie :))!



Choosing the right type of cardio for fatloss is essential. The Fit & Ageless Program teaches you exactly what cardio is best for women over 40 and when to do it. Don't worry it's not your typical boring cardio, Sandy keeps you going with a great mix of steady state and high intensity to keep you feeling strong, fit and ageless.



A solid lifestyle plan contains an important element that many women overlook. Weights. Knowing how and when to train your body is key to producing and maintaining amazing results. Inside the program are easy to follow instructions and videos to help you feel like a pro in your workouts.



Let's not forget one of the most important aspects of our health...our minds! One of the biggest reasons we fail at following a plan is because our mindset is off track telling us we can't do it. The Fit & Ageless Program covers this area so that you can easily incorporate mind training into your daily rituals.



We don't promote heavy supplementing, and choose natural, non-toxic ingredients in the supplements we do recommend. Inside this guide you will learn which supplements we recommend which have shown to increase results, and where to find them for the highest quality ingredients and best prices.



Tackling a new way of living can be intimidating and overwhelming. We've got you covered with a specialized customer support system to answer any questions or concerns you have. Plus you can always join our monthly private Facebook group for additional support and camraderie.



Would you like to finally see results? If you're here, that probably means you haven't seen the kind of results you're looking for. The Fit & Ageless Program delivers. When you follow it's simple formula, you will be shocked at how good you look and feel. Promise!



Fat Torching Exercises

Typically I charge my clients hundreds of dollars for access to my online video library. But because I want you to have the best support possible, I am waiving any fees and giving you complete access for FREE during your 12 Week Fit & Ageless Program! The exercise library contains detailed videos showing exactly how to perform the exercises. I've also chosen fat targeting exercises for the trouble spots we despise so much but can't ever seem to get rid of. You'll love having these videos. It's like having access to my fitness training 24/7! 🙂

Quick and Easy Recipes

Eating healthy needs to be exciting, delicious and fun! Otherwise we won't stick with it for long. This Recipe Bonus will give you that extra taste of yummy goodness with amazing meals and treats such as Mint Chocolate Mouse and Vegetable Frittata. You will be full, satiated and feeling awesome. Plus these recipes are all quick and easy. I am not a big one to spend large amounts of time in the kitchen, so I've created these with busy women in mind. If you're looking for flatter abs, the ingredients in my recipes are your ticket to success!


Fit & Ageless Program

I am so confident that you will absolutely love my training program that I am offering a full 60 day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee... I take all the risk so you don't have to...

Why put off feeling better than ever after 40?


if you buy now.

Valynn lost 15.5 inches, 12.3% body fat and gained 8 lbs of muscle mass.

"I started seeing results right away, and for the first time in my life all of the pieces of a healthy lifestyle were coming together. My nutrition, cardio, proper weight training, and supplements all made sense."

Kathy lost 41 lbs, 21% body fat, gained 5.4% lean muscle mass.

"My husband refers to Sandy as the "Miracle Worker"; he has been by my side every step of the way to encourage me. My doctors are thrilled; my cancer is gone. I love what my body is becoming."

Melissa lost 15.2 lbs, 16.5 inches
and 10.1% body fat

"I am now sleeping well, I feel good and I know I can keep up the eating and training that I’ve learned. I have a trip booked to the Caribbean with my family this summer and I am looking forward to putting on my bikini. Signing up with Sandy has been the best gift I could give to myself!"

Lara lost 10 lbs, 6% body fat
and 8.25 inches

"The meal plans were amazing and easy. It was a lot of food and totally against what I used to think, but after she explained to me that I need to look at food as fuel for my body and that it creates muscle, I knew I had to just follow her plan."

The 12 Week


Nutrition Module - $247 Value
Cardio Module - $197 Value
Training Module - $397 Value
Mindset Module - $197 Value
Supplements Module - $147 Value
Support Group - $197 Value
Recipe Book (Bonus!) - $247 Value
Exercise Videos (Bonus!) - $347 value

A Total VALUE of $1,976.00

A Program For All Skill Levels

Fit & Ageless is a program for women of all skill levels whether you’ve been working out for years or if you’ve never stepped foot in a gym before. This lifestyle program will benefit you and dramatically transform your body, mindset, and life.

I thought this program would really be difficult for me because I am not very active or athletic. But to my surprise the options for weight training were very manageable even for a newbie and I am now excited when I lift weights. I love how the program is re-shaping my body."


A Program Based On Solid Facts

This program was based off of cold, hard facts. These are not opinions or ideas made up on a whim. The information in this program was provided by absolute experts who have studied the ins and outs of weightloss, nutrition and mindset for women over 40.

This is by far the most helpful, knowledgeable fitness program I have ever seen. It is so easy to feel supported and know exactly why we should do certain things. I know this is a program I can stick to. The home workouts and travel plan are awesome. The food is delicious and easy to make. I also love having the Facebook support group!"


Fit & Ageless Program

I am so confident that you will absolutely love my training program that I am offering a full 60 day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee... I take all the risk so you don't have to...

Why put off feeling better than ever after 40?


if you buy now.

On a Personal Note

Hello Friend,

I want you to know, I have been where you are today. It wasn't until I discovered the principles inside my Fit & Ageless Program that I was able to stop my constant ups and downs and begin a new journey towards a healthier me. I've have now not only change my own body and life, but for the past 15 years I've helped thousands of women, just like yourself, transform their bodies and minds.

I am a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM. I have competed in national fitness competitions for over 12 years, winning 2 overall trophies and finished top 5 in most of my shows. I know women and I understand how to make them feel young, fit, and beautiful again, especially as they age.

Based on all of my professional research, studies show women over 40 need a very specific style of eating and exercising. The Fit & Ageless Program details this simple process out for you, making it easy to follow for life.

Designing the Fit & Ageless Program, has been a dream come true for me. It has now helped hundreds of women over 40 change their bodies and lives and I truly believe it can do the same for you. I never believed I could look and feel as good as I do at 54 years old. I want you to experience what I have. Are you ready?

Fit & Ageless Program

I am so confident that you will absolutely love my training program that I am offering a full 60 day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee... I take all the risk so you don't have to...

Why put off feeling better than ever after 40?


if you buy now.


How long is the program? +

The Fit & Ageless Program is 12 weeks long. However, if you have additional weight to lose – or if you want to continue to sculpt your ultimate body after you’ve completed a full cycle – you can continue the program beyond 12 weeks as a Fit & Ageless member. My ultimate long term goal is to provide you with the skills to be able to make better choices everyday so that Fit & Ageless becomes more of a lifestyle than just a 12 week program.

Does the program include menu plans? +

YES! Not only that, but you’ll also get tons of easy to prepare nutritiously delicious recipes & shopping lists. There’s absolutely no guesswork required. Just follow the plan, enjoy the meals and watch the fat melt off your body! Once you've completed the program you will be a pro at knowing how to plan and prepare delicious meals with all the right macros. After all our bodies aren't just sculpted in the gym, the kitchen is 80% of the work. This program teaches you how to be responsible for your own meals...for life!

How will I know if the program is working for me? +

Well, apart from your friends & family commenting on how fabulous you are looking, the program includes tracking sheets that help you see how you are progressing with your workouts along with weekly & monthly progress reports for you to fill in that will remind you of where you began & how far you have come. It can be easy to forget where you started so these tools will help you to remember so that you can look back & see that you have achieved a lot.

How fast will I see results? +

You’ll start looking and feeling better almost instantly since you’ll be eating full flavored, satisfying and highly nutritious foods, keeping yourself well-hydrated and exercising (which boosts your energy during the day while helping you sleep better at night). In a matter of days your body will start shedding its excess water and will go into fat-burning mode. And while individual results vary, most people start seeing visible results within a week and significant results within the first month! But remember, long lasting results come from creating a lifestyle of exercise and eating nutritionally whole foods. That’s what I will help you with.

How are the exercise programs delivered? +

The program includes easy to follow exercise guideline sheets so you know exactly what exercises to do. You can print them out for tracking your weight and reps.

Also, included in your program is an exercise video library with 100’s of full instructional videos. These videos will show you exactly how to do each exercise to make sure you are gaining the maximum effect out of every single move for all the exercises. All levels are included from Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

I'm very busy. Can you tell me how much time each day it will take me to become Fit & Ageless? +

We are all very busy. We have family, jobs and other commitments. Sometimes we give so much to everyone else around us that we forget about ourselves. Then what happens is we feel unfulfilled, unhealthy, overweight, depressed and not able to be the positive influence to our children and others around us to lead a healthy lifestyle. It’s our responsibility as women to our children and community to step up, take action and stop the bad influences around us that encourage unhealthy habits by choosing fast foods and being sedentary. This all starts with YOU! You have a choice what you do with your time. Let me teach and help you with those changes. If you start my program and feel you need additional support in addition to the private Facebook group, you can always contact me to set up a One-on-One consultation.

When can I start the program? Do I have to wait until a certain number of people have joined? +

This program is set up so I can support those that joined to the fullest. Therefore, doors will be open only 2-3 times a year. I want to give all my attention to those that have joined to make sure they are successful on their journey.

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I travel quite a bit. How am I going to do the workouts? +

The beauty of Fit & Ageless workouts is that I’ve included travel exercise plans for you. These require little to no equipment & you can do them in a minimal amount of space. Also, there are detailed guideline sheets to help walk you through each exercise that you can print out & take with you.

What kind of support do I receive while on the program? +

We have customer support standing by to help you. I also have an active private Facebook group to make it simple and easy to check in with other Fit & Ageless women. Here you will find other people just like you who are on the same journey and share and receive boosts of encouragement & support. I also offer One-on-One consultations to Fit & Ageless members at an incredible discount.

Who is this program for? +

This program is for someone who is ready to take action and make a difference in your life. Someone who doesn’t have excuses every day of why they can’t exercise, plan, be motivated or eat healthy. I want you to be open to learning new tools for success and overcoming bad habits. There is always a learning curve in every program, and that’s your opportunity to step up and be all you can be. If you are excited to take action, be a part of a private community of women by sharing your journey, supporting and encouraging others, then this program is for you.

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